Waihi CWT Wireless Fibre Network

The project aim is a Collaborative, Connected Community for all. Included future projects could see an FM radio station, a collaboration space for community groups to share local information, free wifi throughout the main business area and the utilisation of CIP cameras to give live streaming of events such as the Trolley Darby.

What is the problem or opportunity being addressed? *

Extremely limited access to high-speed internet enjoyed by urban areas. The opportunity is the breaking open of fibre access provided to schools for the community via a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). Current average DSL speeds in the area are 4.5 to 6Mbps, connectivity to the fibre would allow users up to 60Mbps. Access to members of the community would be by a monthly subscription, allowing CWT to support BYOD (Bring your own device) in the local schools and other digital development projects across the district. Teachers would be provided dedicated access to the school networks through the WLAN, allowing them to work from home when needed.

What needs to happen *

Installation of a Wireless backhaul utilising Ubiquiti AirFiber 5GHz Upper-Frequency Gigabit Wireless Bridges from the Waihi High School to the top of Waititi Road and then across the back of the hills to a high point overlooking the East Waihi area, providing point to multipoint accessibility for the district

How do you plan to go about it? *

Once initial backhaul installed increased throughput will be added as the  primary schools connect. Current supply connectivity would be a 200Mbps pipe, jumping to a 500Mbps pipe, once network usage reaches 750 users.

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