The Community Wireless Trust was founded in 2007 to utilise your telecommunications spend to support digital development projects in your community, such as the BYOD for kids in New Zealand. By making a donation on-line today, you will help us to make a difference.

Leave a Legacy

Leaving a legacy after you have shed your mortal coil is easy and provides us with ongoing support for your community after you’ve gone.

Payroll Giving


The Community Wireless Trust relies heavily on the generosity of everyday New Zealanders to fund its digital development work in your community. Opting in to a payroll giving scheme is a great way for you to donate. Payroll giving is a scheme administered by employers in New Zealand that allows employees to make regular donations to approved charitees. Introduced in 2010 it provides a channel for people to support specific organisations through their regular electronic pay.

As with other donations, people are entitled to a tax credit for all donations made through the payroll giving scheme. However, instead of needing wait until the end of the year to receive the credit, 33.33 cents for every dollar donated is credited to your pay at the time of the donation. There is more information available on the scheme and tax benefits on the Inland revenue Department website.


As payroll giving is still new to New Zealand, not every employer offers the scheme so ask your manager or HR contact if it is available in your workplace. Any organisation that electronically file their employer monthly schedule and deduction form with the Inland Revenue Department can choose to offer payroll giving to their employees. Please check with your finance or human resource team if you are unsure.