The Community Wireless Trust is extremely proud to announce our success in securing a funding grant from IntenetNZ to the tune of $15,000 for Stage 1 of the Waimate Area Digital Development Project.

The projects aim is to bring fibre access to the Waimate area for Education & Digital Development for communities within the District. Establishing a dedicated 200Mb fibre connection into Waimate High School as an initial step has allowed CWT to create a test environment for connectivity and hardware. Testing is currently underway with a limited number of connections, off the current hardware. As the funding kicks in, additional hardware will allow for the expansion of the network to Makikihi and Waituna Downs, allowing for greater connectivity.

CWT initially plan to offer access to the high-speed fibre, wirelessly via a subscription for its services. It will be offering plans to both residents & businesses in the order of 30Mbps/30Mbps and for the more business focused connections, a 100Mbps/100Mbps dedicated connection. Minimum 12 month term and T & C’s apply.

Funds raised from the subscriptions will be spent locally to increase uptake to the internet via fibre and focussing on developing educational and digital accessibility locally.

CWT has been working on building a sustainable and duplicatable funding mechanism for community education access and digital development for communities. Recieving this funding will allow the CWT to validate its work and provide a project template for communities across New Zealand. CWT will supply connectivity, management and support for communities wishing to develop their own networks.

Introduction to InternetNZ

InternetNZ‘s vision is for a better world through a better Internet. We promote the Internet’s benefits. We protect its potential. And we focus on advancing an open and uncapturable Internet for our country.

We provide a voice for the Internet in New Zealand and work on behalf of all Internet users across the country.

We are the designated manager for the .nz Internet domain. And through this role we represent New Zealand at a global level.

We provide community funding to promote research and the discovery of ways to improve the Internet. We inform people about the Internet and we ensure it is well understood by those making decisions that help shape it. Every year we bring the Internet community together at events like NetHui to share wisdom and best practice on the state of the Internet.

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